Your change self-assessment  

Questions for your change self-assessment

Think about your current change project and enter your level of agreement per statement using the sliders!

The management level shows willingness to change and enjoys the confidence of employees to lead in times of change.
Employees are dissatisfied with their current ways of working and collaboration, and change is seen as urgent.
The team involved consists of employees from different hierarchical levels, who are well networked within the company and whose opinions carry weight.
The team involved consists of employees from different hierarchical levels and has trend-setting decision-making powers.
All employees are confident that, with their current expertise and the competency formats offered, they are sufficiently prepared to master the challenges of change.
All affected employees know what the target image of the change looks like and what it means for them personally.
Executives see themselves as drivers of change, even if they change their own area of responsibility, hierarchy and leadership range considerably.
Each affected employee has the necessary knowledge and the technical/methodical competence to carry out future tasks and processes.
Change is a desirable goal for all employees and stakeholders and they see it as an added value for their daily work.
The drivers of this change have the necessary authenticity to convince those affected and to implement the new responsibilities.
The workforce is fundamentally open to change and new ways of behaving.
Similar projects have not always been successfully implemented in the past and employees fear another failure.
Managers are able to inform their teams comprehensively about change projects.
Affected employees have the feeling that their own ideas and suggestions for improvement are taken into account in the project.
Managers, help desks and explicit exchange formats are available for questions and impulses from employees about change projects.
The employees are able to explain the target image of the change project in 3 sentences.
Many change projects run simultaneously in the company and their interaction is not always comprehensible for the employees.

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