Change management for SAP S/4HANA implementations  

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Why it moves us…

... 68% of the respondents reported the failure of ERP implementations in their company, 79% could not keep to the schedule and 64% exceeded the budget¹.

... the implementation of S/4HANA is not a simple release change or upgrade, but a far-reaching transformation of processes, functions and the IT landscape².

... new competencies are needed in order to use more flexible analysis options and large amounts of data in a targeted manner.

Relevance for change management support

Digital transformations, such as the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, are preceded by clear considerations on the future corporate strategy, the target operating model and the process landscape. Companies are not only faced with technical challenges during the implementation. The consideration of organizational aspects and the involvement of affected employees and managers are critical success factors for ERP implementations - always with the aim to foster understanding, acceptance, and support of the transformation. The motivation to advance innovative and digital business opportunities is also promoted by purposeful change measures.  In addition to the development of new competencies, a tailor-made change management approach includes the identification of operative changes at the employee level, integrative leadership skills as well as interactive, dialogue-oriented and digitally supported communication. 

We discuss with you

Secure the use of new tools by employees

„How can you effectively close the gap between implementation and application?”

Gain supporters for new ERP systems

„How can you design change measures so that your organization understands and supports the introduction of the new ERP system?”

Anchoring digital mindsets in organizational culture

„How can you sustainably anchor the use of digital solutions in the corporate culture?

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S/4HANA - challenges without change management
Change measures for the implementation of S/4HANA

From a change management perspective, the interim phase between the preliminary study and the implementation project is crucial for SAP S/4HANA projects. In this phase, it is important to involve managers and key users: building trust and support of the objectives forms the basis for commitment (e.g. in designing suitable E2E processes) and to mobilize employees across hierarchical levels. This enables the active engagement of executives, an employee-driven implementation, and a step-by-step system enablement of the end users.

¹ Panorama (2018). 2018 ERP Report.
² Schentler P., Pütz J-F., Haas M. (2018). Einführung von SAP S/4HANA – Fokus auf Transformation. CFO aktuell, Zeitschrift für Finance & Controlling: Link

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