Organisational change  

Enabling and shaping effective transformations through consideration of social aspects

An effective transformation can only be achieved if motives of the social side are taken up and understood in the change. Mobilizing organizations, teams and individuals to shape, manage and live change remains the most important success factor.

Successful organizational change is the success factor of our time

Did you know…

... that 70% of all transformations and changes due to the neglect of social aspects are not crowned with full success?

... that the success rate of change projects is 3 times higher if you consider the factors that address thinking and acting?

... that 80% of managers claim afterwards that they would have saved money with the timely use of change?

Introduction to the topic

In order to be successful in the long term, organisations regularly scrutinise their strategies, business models, structures, control logic, processes, IT systems and forms of cooperation, check their future viability and continuously develop them further.

Organizations, teams and employees have to break away from familiar procedures and thought patterns. This "unlearning" of old patterns and the willingness to try out new things and apply them sustainably requires targeted support. Organizational psychology studies prove this: People only change when they want to, can, may and finally must.

In order to move organisations successfully from one day to the next and to transform them effectively, professional consideration of the social side is required in addition to professional change. It must be integrated precisely into your change project in order to realize the desired potentials.

Our solution

We lead your specialist project to success with our unique solution approach. The interlocking of business and change, the interplay of hard and soft factors and the importance of the social side of change is evident throughout - in our approach, our methods and the expertise of our consultants. We sustainably increase the implementation strength and efficiency of organizations, teams and employees.

Our focus topics

Current focus topics of organizational change

…and our approach

  • Our sound 3-phase approach "diagnostics, conception and implementation" accompanies your specialist project in iterative cycles.
  • We speak the language from the management to the employee for a real change in behaviour.
  • We support the entire transformation journey with agile, innovative tools and enabling elements
  • Our experts sustainably combine expert knowledge of our focus topics with change management.
  • We qualify and mobilize your own change agent network and utilize the power of the organization.

Common causes of rejection towards change

Causes for the rejection of behavioral changes

...and our philosophy to success:

  • We make change tangible with pictorial language, inspiring workshops and real Aha moments.
  • We focus on the attitude and behaviour of individuals, teams and organizations.
  • We deal effectively and sensitively with resistance and interpersonal dynamics.
  • We create unique experiences and events as impulses in the sense of change.
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