Leadership & team empowerment  

Enabling, strengthening & motivating your people is a key success factor

In order for visions and new paths to become part of everyday life, it is crucial what employees and managers make of them. With our empowerment solutions, we grab your brain, heart and hand and release unimagined energies of your own.

Managers and teams are the focus of every successful change

Did you know…

... that by improving employee satisfaction by 5 percentage points, customer satisfaction increases by 1.3%, leading to an increase in sales?

... that many digitisation projects fail because there are too few qualified employees, unclear responsibilities and too little top management support?

... that the German economy invested around 33.5 billion euros in continuing education in 2017? This corresponds to an average of 17.3 hours per employee.

Introduction to the topic

The climbing garden is obsolete. In the dynamic, agile VUCA world, "empowerment" starts at two points: as a pause in depth or as a catalyst. The deep pause provides a conscious retreat in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a focus on the topics that are decisive for the performance of the team or the manager and for which there is no room in hectic everyday life. The catalyst ensures disruptive impulses, networked thinking and intrinsic commitment to innovation and agile change.

Our solution

We set team and management programs according to the formula: business results + (agile) methods X human togetherness = performance³ on the basis of proven and scientifically founded models (Scrum©, HOR Leadership Framework, Insights MDI©, Team Coaching).


  • Leadership development has the fundamental goal of increasing the efficiency of leadership.
  • With a clear understanding of leadership in digital time, we focus on business outcome as well as psychological and emotional factors that make people tick.
  • With joint and individual solutions and a high fit between person and company, managers go back into business strengthened.
  • With our pragmatic team coaching and team development processes, we encourage new ideas, create space for conflict resolution and bring teams to peak performance.

Typical procedure

  • The prerequisite for leadership development is a clear statement of what the organization expects from its leaders.
  • In a first step, management philosophy, principles, tasks and instruments are developed
  • Five dimensions of the digital leadership framework are considered for the development: developing digital mindsets, building digital skills, managing the business, developing employees and leading oneself
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