People & Skill Development

New challenges require new competencies - We enable leaders and employees to master current developments in the best possible way.

Highly motivated and best qualified employees are crucial for the success of any transformation. With our People & Skill Development approach, we raise the competencies of leaders and employees to a new level. We support them in successfully mastering current and future challenges. We ensure that a culture of learning and development can be established in the organization. We empower the principle of lifelong learning to be lived.


The Challenges

New ways of working
Hybrid ways of working require new leadership skills and new abilities to work together in ever-changing teams.

New Technologies
Digital skills and basic analytical understanding are needed to apply new technologies correctly.

Learning Organisation
Innovative and flexible organizations need a learning culture that promotes self-organized learning and individual learning opportunities. This requires self-learning and reflection skills. 

Our Service Portfolio

Our Service Portfolio

Our Solution Offering

We offer a holistic portfolio that includes the development of a learning culture, the establishment of company-wide competence management, and the implementation of leadership programs, talent and expert programs, as well as team development.

We support leaders in transformations in the form of executive coaching, but also provide expert coaching for individual employees.

When introducing self-directed learning formats, learning coaches accompany the individual learning process.

The Horváth Academy offers professional training at the highest level

Leadership Development

Our approach to leadership development always follows a mutual change approach: On the one hand, the mindset should be able to change in order to bring about a change; on the other hand, framework conditions must be provided so that this change of mindset can succeed. 

In terms of content, we base the topics of a leadership program on the triad of "leading myself", "leading others" and "leading organizations", thus ensuring holistic development. 

Leadership Development

Our approach

When designing and implementing our development programs, we always focus on the learners, their needs and current challenges. 

With our 3-E approach, we guarantee that learning can succeed fully and sustainably. 

Our Approach

Our Success Factors 

  • Broad range of services for improving leadership and professional competencies
  • Development of training content in collaboration with the client - cooperative and flexible
  • Blended learning concepts
  • Application of State of the Art didactics
  • Integration of digital learning to promote individual learning
  • Inclusion of collaborative learning to increase sustainability
  • Optimal learning transfer through high practical relevance 
  • International network of certified trainers and coaches
  • High level of expertise with virtual training and digital (assistance) tools
  • Modern learning infrastructure, for example via our own Horváth e-Academy
  • Training organization - all-round service from a single source  
Our Success Factors

Digital Implementation by the Horváth e-Academy

Horváth e-Academy

With our cross-sector and cross-functional training portfolio, we impart both specialist and interdisciplinary know-how around our core competencies of performance management and transformation.

Our Thematic Areas 

Our Thematic Areas

With the Horváth e-Academy, we offer you and your employees an interactive learning and workshop platform that is specifically geared to the needs of future-oriented companies. In our digital offers we also follow the triad of Enable - Experience - Exchange.

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