Digital adoption 

Targeted promotion of acceptance and application of new technologies

Why it moves us…

... 70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy or are working on it ¹ - but only 7% of companies have fully implemented their digital transformation to date.2

... 87% of companies believe that digitization will change their industry significantly, but only 44% are prepared for it.3

... 71% of managers say that the workforce is important in supporting their digital transformation strategy.4   

Relevance for change management support

We start at the interface between people and technology: We look at the obvious and implicit challenges. In addition to external aspects, such as the requirements of customers, suppliers or society, we also consider internal requirements for structures, processes, information technology and employees. In this way, we help you to think holistically about digital transformation. Topics in times of digital change - automation, Big Data, Cloud Solutions etc. - are often primarily considered from the process-related and technical side. However, the critical factor over success or failure in these topics is to 70% the human being.
With our agile change management approach, we ensure that the measures taken are demand-oriented and tailored to your needs. In this way, the relevant stakeholders feel involved in the transformation at all times.

Our goal: DIGITAL ADOPTION - In the first step, we create a high level of acceptance for the technology by implementing interventions to increase perceived usefulness, user-friendliness and reduce resistance. Afterwards, it is important to transform this acceptance into continuous use by entering into dialogue and empowering according to stakeholder needs.

We discuss with you

Winning the management as multipliers

Diagnostics, development and monitoring of technology acceptance in the context of the implementation of new IT applications

Securing capabilities for the 21st century

Change management and communication support for ERP preliminary studies and implementations. With a special focus on consulting on behavioral dynamics of employees and managers in the context of current IT trend topics, such as SAP S/4HANA or artificial intelligence

Recognizing digitalization as an opportunity

Tailor-made training concepts, based on role profiles of defined stakeholder groups

Jump into the topic

Change Curve

On the basis of sounding boards and pulse checks, we evaluate the willingness of your staff to accept the digital changes and ultimately live with them. This enables us to select suitable change formats that involve your workforce in the transformation and ultimately inspire users to use them successfully. Only in this way can you realize the added value of digital transformation.

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3 Silicon Republic (2016).

4 Industry Week (2018).

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