Horváth change management approach  

„Changing organisations to live performance” - pragmatic, systematic and close to the business!

Key factors of our change approach

  • Tried and tested many times and further developed in practical use
  • Focus on changing existing patterns of thought and behaviour in the business context
  • Focus on a situation-appropriate balance of top-down and bottom-up interventions between managers and employees
  • Successful changes as a systemic result of the interaction of the four change levers
  • Orientated on clear change results that are tangible, comprehensible and measurable/ judgeable

4 change levers for behavioural transformations 

the 4 change levers

In order to achieve a goal-oriented change of behavior, it requires interventions along all 4 change levers.

Procedure and fields of action for holistic change management

For each level there are concrete change work focuses with underlying delivery objects to choose from. For each focus, the challenge is to assess what diagnostics, conception and implementation we need.

The 3 phases in change project work
Our holistic change management approach
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