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Why it moves us...

... 37% of respondents say their company is currently undergoing an enterprise-wide agile transformation¹.

… 63% of all managers surveyed - in whose companies agile structures are used - believe that the use of agile methods and structures improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the work somewhat to strongly¹.

… over 75% of the surveyed employees report a positive effect of agile working methods on employee motivation and team cooperation².

Relevance for change management support

Agility as a "pure buzzword" is always recognizable when the purpose and requirements for employees are unclearly formulated or do not exist at all. Experts are called in to train agile methods and to introduce agility by watering can everywhere, without questioning the specific usefulness. However, organizations do not become agile just because employees are now in meetings every day or because a nice board adorns the office. If the agile mindset is not or only partially changed and anchored, there is a risk that it will be destroyed in the agile swamp. Agile working methods first of all require changes in thinking and attitude and only then in action, which must be proactively approached by both employees and managers.

We discuss with you

Moving and orienting employees

„How do you motivate employees to take passionate responsibility for uncertain targets?

Strengthening cohesion in self-organized teams

„Where do self-organized teams make sense and how can they be introduced sustainably?”

Gain leaders as drivers

„How do you develop leaders into drivers of change that mainly affects their own role?

Jump into the topic

Discuss possibilities of agility along our holistic framework of an agile organization.

Determine your personal level of maturity, discover possible blind spots and unrecognized potential.

¹ Weckmüller, H. (2017). Agilitätsbarometer 2017 - So agil sind Unternehmen in DACH.
² Komus, A., & Kuberg, M. (2017). Abschlussbericht: Status Quo Agile 2016/2017.

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